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04 July 2012

Juno - the second time around

In the meantime I started work on Juno, this Atlas' payload. This one is in 1/96, so it's 50% of the size I built it in some time ago. I use its big sister to see where things go, because I do a lot of scratch building here.
Not so much to say about it, it is pretty straightforward and I like working on it.
After this it will be the shroud. 
As usual, more pics after the break.

Little Juno on its big sister's wing.

Business end, now shut.
Greeblies on the upper deck.

The big sensor plate. Quite detailed.

More sensors

The PVA's are folded for launch. First, I wanted to make them collapsible but that only would have happened once in this flight. So why bother?

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