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11 July 2012

Hm. This might take some time.

I can make macro photographs! Yay!
Now then, what's this?
I'll tell you.
When an Atlas is launched it clearly never goes without some noise. It actually produces a lot of noise. So be sure to wear your ear plugs when attending a launch. But the poor payload inside doesn't have ears to put plugs in. However, it gets quite a bashing by the sound waves hitting the payload bay It is around 140 dB, which is rather unpleasant for all the fine electronic equipment. Therefore ULA put acoustic dampeners inside the fairing. Foam tiles with small acoustic absorbent elements on it. These tiles make the launch bearable for the probe or satellite. Quite a good idea.

Juno about to be encapsulated in her shroud. After this the shroud is sealed and secured and transported to the rocket. The lower part of the fairing, containing the Centaur, already is placed on the Atlas. This part joins the rest as the last structural element.
 Now to replicate that in a paper model.

2mm silver circles punched out, awaiting glue.

The problem is that almost all tiles are different and there even are differences between placement from fairing to fairing. No payload is the same, so acoustics behave differently inside the shroud. 
I think I now have all the pictures I need to do the configuration they used for Juno.  This is going to be a loooooooooong job. (-:

Small panel: about 10 X 27 mm

There are lots more to follow. As I said. This might take some time.

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