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05 July 2012

Juno - almost there

As the title says, Juno's almost ready. I only have to do some tiny detailing. I have to admit this model just calls out to be finished so perhaps this is not as precise a job as I maybe want to or what viewers expect from me. It's that shroud thing that bothers me a bit. I just want this one finished and on the shelf. There was a hiatus that kind of disrupted the detailing. I promise the shroud will be good, though. (-:

Here's Juno almost in her finished state. Still a pretty probe.

Attached to the Centaur. It is still detachable.

Still fun to detail as much as possible.

Junocam and the thingie next to it. Damn. Half a year ago I knew all their names.

Thruster booms and another sensor and the closed engine cover. The little hole is there for the rod coming out of the Centaur to keep both parts together.

I love to do greeblies.

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