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14 July 2012

One down, one to go.

I have finished the first half of the Atlas' fairing. It took some time to punch out all the little round parts but there it is. I tried as best as I could to follow the original placement of the panels. I am afraid it sometimes needed a little artistic license. It looks quite close to the original, though.

I had a small problem with the placement of my reinforcing rings and that of the panels down right, but I solved it by kind of ignoring the ring is there. it gives a nice impression of the panels anyway.
Now the second half. It is different from this half so it is back to the beginning.
some more pictures after the break.

This is the set of panels for the first half.

The 2mm hollow punch I used is a little hard on the palm of your hand after a couple of punches. So I took the cork of a Sherry bottle to give some support to my hand. I should've done this much sooner!
Larger than life.

One down, ...

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