Paper models, photos and musings of a Paper Kosmonaut

30 June 2012

countdown resumed!

Just checked in to say I fired up the paper modeling skills again. I started with some small improvements on the Atlas V.
I took off the longer instrument tunnel and made a new with a more rounded look. It's drying now, I continue tomorrow. After that, I think I first tackle Juno in 1/96.
Okay, here's some pics.

Alas V 500 CCB and a Centaur upper stage.
 And more after the break.

Instrument tunnel, fuel line and solid rocket booster attachment points.

Business end. Engines are repainted, Text is new. The engine skirts are there in real life too.

Centaur upper stage. I used Mark Cable's engine bell from the Titan.
They have that beautiful curved bell shape. The hull is from gloss photo paper.
The instrument tunnel is curved and hollow.

The engine has a silver accented rim. The balls are beads I painted. next to the engine is an exhaust.
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