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06 July 2012

Juno - and onward!

Well, Juno is finished. In the end it became a good looking thing anyway. It's all in the details, as usual. From plain metal pins I made the structure on which the two small mid- and low gain antennas are placed. The antennas themselves are made from paper cones and a pin end for one and a nail head for the other. I glued it all with CA, or super glue as most people call it. Drip it on, put it where it must go and it's glued. Wonderful.

Hmm. Small probe.
I had to compare it with the Voyager probe for detail reference and size. How that looks and more after the break.

Note the Junocam in the lower left. It has a 'real' lens. The voices in my head told me to do this. Me crazy.

The magnetometer boom greeblies. Squared trumpets to blare triumph at the arrival at Jupiter.

The antenna structure...

...and the low and mid gain antenna on top.
 I took out the recent build of the Centaur carrying Voyager and put them next to each other to compare:
The older two-engined version of the Centaur is shorter and has its natural finish. Same diameter.

The detailing is more or less similar. That's nice to notice. The Voyager has a lot more latticework, though.

Business end. I used a different engine bell on the new Centaur. It all might be a little bit off-scale but I don't give a flying hoot. It looks the part. At least to me. (-;

After that I started on a test build of one of the solid rocket boosters to see if I could get the cone into a more realistic shape. I used a pressed cotton ball for the rear end, since I discovered the business end of the SRB is rounded. So far, I like it. Alfonso from AXM is busy working on an even better model. I think the CCB I made is fine, though.

The engine bell is not the right shape. It needs to be longer and a bit more narrow.

This cable run over the length of the SRB houses a detonation device to blow the rocket up when it is going rogue.

I redid the nose section. But it is still too long and not curved enough..

But it looks good on the Atlas main core booster.
But take note, this is a testbuild. The 5 SRB's fr my Atlas yet have to be built.
So far for now,
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