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27 November 2011

We have lift-off!

The Atlas V with MSL Curiosity on top lifts off from the Cape, 26 november 2011. ©AP / Terry Renna
A beautiful launch it was, yesterday. Right on time Curiosity left the pad, carried on top of its powerful Atlas V 551 booster. Somewhere in August next year, the big rover will make its landing on Mars. A very interesting and spectacular event, never been tried before.
Here's a great piece of film where you can see how the landing will take place:

In the meantime, yours truly also has taken up his X-acto again.
Yes, as soon as Curiosity rose in the skies over Florida, the modeling virus struck again. I have started a new build. No photos yet, since I want to do this one just for myself, to get into the swing of things again. It's a biggie, though, and it's a static model. No dioramas for the time being, I think. there's a lot of static stuff I would like to add to my rocket garden. 
Anyway, this one is not part of that. I even don't know yet where to put this one when finished. Its base measures about 30 cm in diameter, I guess. Originally the model is 1/144 but I enlarged it to 1/96 so it kind of matches most of the real rockets I have.
It's white and red chequered, it's got three fins and has fired everyone's imagination at some time.

For those of you who still don't know, click "more".

Yes, it's Tintin's big atomic moon rocket.
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