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09 November 2011

Will the fun ever stop? Yes. It sometimes does.

It might be some time before I continue something space-related. I started doing something else for a change, a build of an early SF movie robot called Maria. She is from the legendary film Metropolis, made by Fritz Lang. When I started this build on Papermodelers, it immediately set root for a discussion which quickly overheated involving the history of this particular model and its whereabouts and the way how I got my hands on this model. I hate those kinds of polemic "your word against mine, I am right and you are not" debates full of slightly insulting allusions. It completely took over the thread.

It sure kicked the fun out of this build and out of making a model in the first place.

I got really sad and upset when this happened. Initially I just was so angry, frustrated and fed up with it all I almost decided to just quit the forum and go back to just build for my own pleasure again. For now I have opted to leave them alone for a while and come back when I feel like. There's only so much shit I can handle and it has reached my limits.

Luckily, I have my own place where I can continue. For now I just want to work quietly on this model. I'll post some progress shots here from time to time.

(I won't make a habit of talking about myself here, this is not a diary kind of blog but this is a rare occasion that I wanted to just do so.)

This is the first attempt, it was a good one but I now have a better version I am working on.

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