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24 November 2011

Launch postponed indefinitely...

After a couple of false starts I have to face some facts. Perhaps it wasn't just the situation on PM but it sure drained me of all creativity involving paper modeling. I would like to build something new but it just doesn't work. All I do is stare at the paper and make wrong cuts and all.
I tried again today but I cannot force it. It just won't work now. I just have to lay it aside for a while. It immensely frustrates me and I feel pretty inconvenienced, not being able to get lost in a nice build. I can't figure out why this happened, why I reacted so sensitive to this event and what I have to do to snap out of this semi-lethargic phase I happen to be in.

So for the time being, there won't be any building here.
I really really hope I will get back to it soon, but unfortunately I don't know when that will be.
Hang on in there, I'll be back.
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