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10 December 2011

I'm fine

I am having fun building Tintin's rocket, pictures will follow when I am ready.
Just not feeling that 'pressure' of documenting this build is very effective and lets me get back on track. I like this build a lot. The rocket isn't really hard or anything but with what I did to it it has taken a little more time.
I already have some ideas for projects after this one, one even something completely un-spacey. But there are also plans for Skylab (as said before) and a new row of static and detailed launchers in 1/96th, old and new ones.
Besides that, I still wait for Rassvet to surface at AXM's site. Then I can finish my ISS model.
Well, enough for now, I estimate I have finished building the Tintin rocket tomorrow afternoon. I'll take some nice pictures of it then and show you what it looks like in 1/96th.
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