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02 November 2011

Musings on what next

Usually, I already start thinking about a new project when I can see the end of the build I am working on. It keeps me busy thinking and researching. I like that a lot.
The next one is keeping me busy for some time already now. I first started out thinking it should become a Skylab themed build. But what, where and when?

I recently came over some very intriguing documents involving the doomed space station. There were big plans made by Martin Marietta in the mid-seventies that showed Skylab revisited in the eighties. A new configuration and shuttle visits and all. I was fascinated and started drawing up sketches and ideas.
(*EDIT* : for you big space enthusiasts who don't know the document, here it is. (PDF) it's big!)

I did this one a while back but it shows how Skylab might have looked like around 1981.

Until it became too big. There was too much I could alter and show on the station but it would be too far fetched. I like ideas of what-ifs nut they have to stay between certain barriers. There will be a what-if of Skylab but for now I rethought the whole idea. I want to do a relatively easy inbetweenie. 1/200 or thereabout, and involving Skylab. So I am considering a real space event. When Apollo met Skylab for the first time: a crippled, overheated and underpowered behemoth with a small spacecraft taking a damage report.
But still, I haven't yet decided definitely what will be the next build. Soon I will find out. And you will too.
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