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28 September 2011

Fakestok 8: Finished.

Well, here it is.
I am not really happy with it, it just is a bit too crude for my taste. The helicopter was hard and its shape caused some troublesome hours now and then. It is a bit wobbly here and there and not a clean build.
It does show a nice rendition of what happened there at Tushino nevertheless.
The wheel struts are made from brass, the wheels themselves are scratched from a couple of layers of mat paper.  The rotor is the wrong way round but I realised too late. Also a factor why I am not fully happy with it.

Oh well, It looks nice anyway. Here's the result. Tomorrow I am going to let the sun and wind blow through my hair on one of the islands here and ponder over the next project. What will it be?
I don't know yet. Maybe after tomorrow I do.

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