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25 September 2011

Fakestok 7: Almost done!

This Mil is quite a model, if I may say so. The parts are strangely shaped but when assembled they look marvellous. A job well done by N810, as the designer calls himself.
after some short early morning build sessions and one whole Saturday, the hull is finished. The last bit was the hardest, a dozen of very tiny odd-shaped parts to fill up the small openings left by the bigger pieces. Without the proper directions at hand, it really is a puzzle. But with some common sense and piece after piece it all works out quite well.

Inside the hull I put two small tubes, one for attaching the wires with which I will hang the Fakestok under the belly, and one for putting the whole shebang on its display stand, the runway of the Tushino airfield. the only thing remaining is the rotating parts, i.e. wheels and rotors.

Here's some small pictorial evidence of the last week:

the part where the rotor will come.

A very neat and clean tail boom.

Some hard and puzzling parts here. The wing opening and transition from engine section to hull.

Wings on and glued in place, now resting to get the stuff firmly in place.

More pictures after the break!

Here's some stuff I did today, closing up the hull itself and attaching a rod in the heli for display purposes. The helicopter's bum was a bit of a puzzle. 

click for bigger

click for bigger
Tomorrow or the day after I'll start the wheels and rotors. For the rotors I will have to do some digital assembly first, the original parts are divided into four pieces per rotor and I easily can make that into one piece per blade. In this scale that looks a lot nicer. 

I must admit, this is not by far the cleanest and best build I have made but it sure is a lot of fun. It's just the parts are sometimes so damn hard to fit due to the complex shape of the helicopter (and my preference for this thick paper), it is almost inevitable to mess up with glue and with the placement of pieces. Oh well, fun is what has to come first.

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