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11 September 2011

Fakestok 5: Hook getting its shape

In the meantime I managed to get some more shape into the Mi-6.
The parts making up the engine section are small and I had some trouble locating the place they had to go. Luckily some pictures on the web of this chopper's beta build helped me.
It has a lot of small parts that need to be curved and twisted to get it into the good shape for connecting them to the other pieces. In this scale not always easy, but there certainly is some result. 

While doing this I am thinking about how to 'hang' the Fakestok under the belly and where to put the tube for inserting he display rod. I think for the latter I have to make a kind of inner structure. It also would be nice to have the Fakestok detachable. We'll see. Here's today's progress.

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