Paper models, photos and musings of a Paper Kosmonaut

12 September 2014


I updated the Gallery page a little. I was struck by the lighting on the professional photos Billy Leliveld showed on the papermodelers forum (and of which I also showed some here) and yesterday I tried to do the same with some of my models which are displayed in a space situation. I used my pretty little Lumix LX7 on a tripod, a blackish background and a very bright LED flashlight (a Maglite to be precise). The background I used was the biggest black surface I could find, the portfolio case I have for large sheets of paper. It just is ribbed like cardboard boxes. And that showed on the pictures here and there. It looked a little like an eighties video clip. Horizontal lines galore. Luckily I know my way around Photoshop a little. I talk too much. Look at the new pictures in my gallery here.
Here's one for appetite.

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