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08 September 2014

More Tardis fun

This weekend I got a broken alarm clock and today I took it apart. I am always on the lookout for small cogs for making rivet lines on my models but the teeth of these wheels all were flat and not pointy, so I couldn't make use of the cog wheels as such. 
But when I took the clock apart, looking at the spiraled springs immediately took me back to my previous build. So I made a little display for my Tardis model.
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So far for the Wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey* stuff. Now it's back to the Apollo capsule!

*I am almost sure the new 12th Doctor will never ever use those terms. He's much too dark and grumpy for that. And that's good. 
Did you catch the slight of hand middle finger in the 3rd (Robot of Sherwood) episode?
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