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04 September 2014

Time. For an inbetweenie.

Does a thrumming metallic sound and the apparition of a large blue box ring a bell?
Fine. Although I am not a frequent television watcher, when I do, I often watch BBC shows and I also like Doctor Who a lot. And must say I am very pleased with the Twelfth Doctor. I really think Peter Capaldi is perfect for the role. I know I might offend some of the Who fans here, but I think he's a better fit for the part than Matt Smith ever was. So in celebration of the thirteenth incarnation of our favourite renegade timelord, here's a little Tardis I built this week. It has been built from blue paper, so no need for colouring and all that. Here's the end result, some pictures of the build can be found after the jump.

The model I used it the one Bryan Tan designed. It can be found on his Deviant Art page. It has lots of layers, giving the Tardis a nice depth. the model has no glue strips, so you have to make those yourself.

I reinforced the insides with very heavy card. In between the layers, I used that paper you always have with your waterslide decals for the matted out windows.

With cutting out the several layers of the outer walls, the model immediately gains so much realism and depth. I think RocketmanTan has done a great job on this one.

Well, then I stupidly cut my finger quite badly, had to stay away from paper stuff a while because the blood was getting on everything. (-: Luckily, it healed very quickly, too and after a day or two I could continue. I just didn't take any pictures. So here are some more shots of the finished Tardis.

And here it is to start gathering dust on the shelves. Thanks for taking a look and up next will be something big and space-related. 
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