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05 September 2014

The little dilemma's of a paper Kosmonaut

Now that we have finished the last inbetweenie it is time for at least one big project for the coming times. And I have decided upon the wonderful Apollo capsule designed by Ken West. But since I apparently cannot build anything just straight out of the proverbial box, but preferably a little smaller (or a lot) I also need to do this with the Apollo. Now I just am wondering on which scale I should use. How much detail do I want to keep? I reduced the control panel in a test print to 50%, so 1/24. In this scale I will probably have to lose the finger guards of all the switches. The next test I did was at 75%, which would turn the model into a 1/16th sized object. It will give me all the details but it just is a bit too close to the original size. The path in between would lead me to 60% and that would make it 1/20. 

To give a sense of scale: the smallest panel version is about 10 cm across, the middle one is 12,5 cm and the upper one measures a little more than 15 cm.

What will it be?
Of course, I will keep you all informed.
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