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31 August 2014

Falcon 9 v 1.1 (5) - Finished

Here's the last part of the Falcon 9 1.1 build.
The only thing remaining was the cap on the top of the Dragon capsule and that has been finished today. The fit was a little loose, but that also might be caused by my tinkering. I wanted the cap to be able to taken off off the docking collar. And with some TLC, in the end it all fitted reasonably well.

Falcon 9 1.1 among its colleagues. Note how extremely long and thin it is.
Want to see more?

The capsule was outfitted with a magnet to stay in place. It is quite strong:
The thing underneath Dragon is 160 gram of metal.
So, the cap. Here it is. I removed the glue strips and made one of my own to go on the inside.

The fit seems to be quite crude but that just is the photo. The fit to the collar is a little wide as mentioned but it looks much more exaggerated here.
See? It looks better here. It took some moulding and literally weakening the fibres in the paper to bend it all around a little to make it fit better.
Here you can see the actual fit to the collar part. It looks good enough when holding the model.

Gee, my hand looks old here. It's just a 44-year old hand. Not the double. I should not mess with the contrast of my pictures so much. Oh well. The capsule looks okay. (-:

Up next? Maybe it will be Ken West's giant undertaking, the Apollo capsule. Who knows. Not me. We'll all find out soon.
Thanks Alfonso for yet another great and fun to build model.
and thank you all for stopping by. Until the next time!

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