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16 August 2014

Apollo Command Module 1/12 is released!

The long awaited 1/12 Apollo CM paper model designed by Ken West finally has been released. It's the Block II version of the spacecraft with full interior, Boost Proctective Cover, Launch Escape System and it is also able to be taken apart to show the insides.
left to right: LES/BPC, Outer skin, pressure vessel, couches and heat shield.
Photo made by Peter van Dijk
This huge model kit has almost 130 pages of parts to offer. Over at Papermodelers a two-year thread bears witness of the long and elaborate process of designing and testbuilding the capsule. Billy Leliveld's testbuild showed an extraordinarily fine detailed interior with added chrome paper parts, finger guards for the switches on the control panel and even interior lighting. The capsule's hatch is a little model kit in itself. It is wonderfully detailed with all the latches and handles. It can be displayed in an open or closed position but has no working hinges.

The outer skin of the capsule was made from chrome coated paper.
Photo made by Peter van Dijk

The model now is downloadable for $18 over at Ecardmodels. For that price you'll be kept busy for at least a year, is my guess! Difficulty: 5/5 so not for the faint hearted and beginners. This is really a very very elaborate model. Every little switch is there.

Look how this one sublimely imitates the harsh unfiltered sunlight like it looks in outer space. The couches are removed in this picture and you are looking "up" into the tunnel between the Command Module and the LM. In the upper right and left corner you can see two of the working cabin lights Billy Leliveld added to his version. Hard to see on this photo but all the switches have finger guards!
Photo made by Peter van Dijk
But look at this beauty, Just look at it. This is what makes paper modeling so much better than plastic kits. The details. The size. The price. The fact you can make another one. And maybe try it in say, 1/24 or even 1/35.
For me, this is one of the best models that has ever been released. I'll be starting it soon. Promise.

Photo made by Peter van Dijk

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