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04 August 2014

Falcon 9 v 1.1 (2)

Small progress. Several reasons I won't tire you with. Mainly work. And the summer heat. Oh shoot. Now I did tire you anyway. (-;
Anyway, like I said, small progress. I mainly did some detailing on the hull of the rocket and I made another engine. The second stage also is in a state of coming to be. All in all an enjoyable build. Tomorrow morning I hope to do some more.
Compared to tje previous appearance of the Falcon9, this one is really loooooong. Someone at the PaperModelers forum used the word pencil-rocket for these versions. And they really look like pencils. Sleek, very long and a pointy top. All made possible due to gimballing engines. Like balancing a broom on your fingertip, they move to keep the rocket go up straight.

Nothing much further to add in text though. I think the photos speak for themselves. More after the jump, as usual.

Firstly, I detailed the second stage and interstage by cutting out the printed shapes out of a second print. This gave the hull just a little more interesting features to look at.

The second stage was made, some formers were placed inside, and the hull got some details too.

Here's where I am now. A loooong small rocket. I still am not sure what to so with the Dragon I want to put on top. If I make it detachable I need to do something with the solar panel protecting shrouds. I think I'll make a second model of the Dragon with the trunk and the solar panels deployed and in a bigger scale. Perhaps I even will do the display I have had in mind for some time now, to have the dragon captured by the Canadarm of the ISS. We'll see. The rocket comes first.

Thanks for stopping by and having a look!
See you soon,
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