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26 October 2013

Saturn V 1/96 build report [004]: countdown on hold

Just a little and short update:
I have postponed the build of the Saturn. It's all a paper issue, the used paper won't stick in any way.  the backside is plain so there is no problem there, but the visible shiny metallic front is just not able to hold any glued object. it almost is like a non-stick Teflon pan. It gives me hell and I am fed up with it.
When I bought it, I thought it looked very good and would serve me well but well, it didn't.
regular white glue just slides off, Aleene's tacky glue is still tacky but cannot keep things in place, and CA mists up the entire insides of the tank's wall.  And that makes this build just an impossible and very un-enjoyable piece of sh*t.

This type of paper might be useful for other projects it really is beautiful stuff for metallic skins, actually but without having to glue stuff on its surface. So it's not going to be used for this particular project.
It means I will have to restart. Again. oh well. I now know some other building issues that now are easily solved and I think with this problem out of the way, the build of the RP-1 tank might be a little easier too. I am going back to the paper I know is workable in this situation. Although it is not as smooth surfaced, it still is very metallic and therefore useful.

Here's a couple of pictures of the build I'll be disassembling now for further usage of the dome structure in the next try.

Here you can clearly see the misting effect the CA has on the surface.

It really is beautiful metallic of itself but well, if it doesn't stick to anything it's just useless to me. 

Hopefully I will have a new update ready shortly.
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