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12 October 2013

Saturn V 1/96 build report [002]

A little progress was booked today. Although I still had some printer issues (black ink gradually fading across the page - %^$##@!!1) I managed to assemble a part of the RP-1 tank. It still is far from finished but there is a start! In the end I also got the printer to make a decent print after all. But I had to increase the amount of ink used considerably.

The insides are made from matted but very metallic looking card, which will be further detailed in the coming days. It is not glued yet. The upper ring is there for measure, not for attachment purposes. The lower rings are there to keep the cylinder in shape.

Inside of the tank wall there will be bulkhead rings to prevent the sloshing of the fuel, and there of course will be a domed top and bottom. The insides of these domes will be aluminium coloured, the outsides will be yellowish. The RP-1 tank also had five big fuel pipes running through the middle, which came from the upper Liquid Oxygen (LOX) tank, leading straight to the F-1 engines. These will also be included. The top dome will be visible from the inside and outside, you will be able to see the fuel pipes enter the LOX tank. So part of the intertank structure also will be open.

I also made a nice little fun thingie from a wooden dowel and a spare circle saw of my power tool. I now can make miles and miles of rivet lines without any trouble. I need to find some more cogs though, to be able to make more patterns. Below you can see what the result is when wheeling along a ruler (and one deliberately freehanded). In thick card you cannot see the little dents on the other side, so then they look like sunken rivets, In thinner paper you might do the rivets on the back of the paper to get little bumps on the top side.

Tomorrow is a day for film, so there won't be any building then. Next week, I first will tackle the rest of the RP-1 tank.
Thanks for passing by here!
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