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15 October 2013

Saturn V 1/96 build report [003]

The first tank dome is there. It's the LOX bottom tank dome, and the other domes all will be built before the actual tanks will come into existence. This is because of the LOX fuel lines that go through the RP-1 tank. I need to know where the pipes have to go in the bottom RP-1 dome and then adapt the top RP-1 dome. maybe a little hard to explain here, but you will see what I mean in a couple of days. At least, I hope so. Here is the first dome anyway.
It is made from two layers, the outer one being light (narcissus)yellow paper with a bit of a grain which depicts the isolation layer nicely. The inside is made from aluminium coloured paper. The rings around the holes inside are from chrome coated paper. it all looks exactly how I wanted. I hope the other three domes come out equally nice (or better).
after the jump three more pictures.

See you soon,

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