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02 April 2013

Watching paint dry

Since I couldn't find any sand in town that matched what I wanted (red, cheap, small quantity) I had to make it myself. I bought some bird sand (the stuff used on bird cage floors - you know what I am talking about) and measured the amount I needed for filling the pit of the diorama. Then I poured it onto a newspaper and from there into a plastic jar.

I bought some burnt sienna ecoline (coloured ink) and mixed some with the sand. The result was stunning and most satisfying. I then also painted the gypsum base, of which I repaired the holes in the side walls and I gave the picture frame (originally brownish) a dab of Mars black paint, because I found the name fitting enough. Now it all dries and tomorrow we'll see what it will have become. Plenty more pictures after the jump.

Lil' bag o' sand. Cheap. White and not too much of it.  Great.

Ecoline. Or maybe coloured ink. Whatever you want to call it. 
It's actually watercolour paint dissolved in water. It still is very concentrated.

After colouring the sand, I spread it out to let it dry.

Painting the diorama base with burnt sienna acrylic paint.

And there it all is, now it's waiting time.
So hopefully tomorrow, I can show you a finished diorama of Spirit stuck in Troy. 
See you all then and thanks for watching!

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