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17 April 2013

Now what?

For the first time in a long period I find myself in a situation in which I really don't know what to build next. On one hand that is good, there's a lot of job-related work coming up in a couple of days and I need to keep myself focused, so without a paper project that might be good. On the other side, this hobby also keeps me sane in times like that. Clearing the mind while messing with pieces of paper is good for me, apparently.

I do have a (long) list of things I want to build, don't get me wrong. But most of the time there just springs one to mind, one that just floats up to the surface and gets my attention. And even though I am working on something in preparation I still am not sure that will be the project I want to build right now. It's a creative process, and I don't want to start a new project without having a good feeling about it.

So, we'll see. It might be another shuttle related build (see the little sketch below), since I want to do the complete shuttle fleet, but it also could be a Skylab diorama, or I might even make an attempt to kick off with a paper 1/96 Saturn V. For all I know I could even try and restart work on the Loral payload for the Proton-M, although that is not very high on my list.
This might be one of the options I could do next, but....

For now it just simmers in my head.

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