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22 April 2013

ALT 1977 1/400 [3]

And although I am a little further, I have my doubts. I am not entirely satisfied yet with how it all looks. I promise this won't get too 'lifebloggerish' but I try to strive for perfection. And I am not exactly pleased with what I have made up til now. The seams, the irregularities, the little blemishes on the paper from the glue... Who will say? I can't put my finger on it yet. Perhaps I just will continue and see where it ends, Perhaps I want to do it again later on in the process. I learn more with every part I glue.
Thing is, this model was meant for a much bigger scale. It was reduced to 36% of its intended size. So every part is reduced too and now every seam also seems much more visible because there are so many of them, so close together.
Oh well, I will see where this will end up eventually.
Here's where I am at the moment. It's not going fat but steadily were' getting to the tail. I kind of look forward to making the wings.

The seams here are clear to see. The ring-shaped parts sometimes just need a millimetre trimming to get a better fit. This problem here was solved with some ball-head moulding tools and extra CA glue. Note the special parts for the 'back of the neck". Generally speaking this model has a very good fit, though. Note the nicely faded lettering "American" on the hull. I redid the paintjob a little because the model had the text as an outline while it actually was black lettering which was almost erased from the hull.

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To get an idea of the size I work in. This is meant to be a scale aircraft of around 50 cm in 1/144. This is going to be around 14 cm. I really hope the final appearance is pleasing enough to the eye. The nose section is very heavy loaded with seams...

This is what I'm not happy about. The seams are tight, that's not the problem, but they are all so seriously visible. Is might be the type of paper I use, the way the light is reflected. Hm. Now, okay, I shouldn't whine so much, I guess.

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