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03 April 2013

MER-A Spirit - second part: Troy 1/40 [5] : Finished!

Well, I guess that's that. The sand is dry and it has been poured on to the base. The colour has become a little lighter than I expected but to me it resembles the colour of Mars' surface better than my previous Mars dioramas. So, I put Spirit in the sand pit and with that action there was nothing left to do but take some photos of the finished diorama. I hope you appreciate it. Thanks for taking a look and see you soon when I am back working on the finishing of the Mir display!

To me, the soft shine of sunlight on this door behind the display actually kind of resembles Mars' daylight atmosphere. But maybe I am wrong, I happen to be colour blind so don't take my word for it...

Of course there are some more photos after the jump.

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