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13 April 2013

Thar she blows, cap'n!

Well, in the time in between I have done a busload of other things and also found some time to work on the submarine diorama. In fact, I have finished it. Now this one wasn't that hard, I only had to make half a submarine and for the rest it was having fun with gypsum, paint and acrylic paste.
Now where did I leave you? Oh yes; I just had the base plate and a cylinder with an ogive top.
here's how the project continued. I started with making a wave ocean pattern in gypsum.
The place where the sub emerged got a big foamy splash shape around it. I was really curious how it would look when all was painted.

I just used my fingers to make the shapes, the foamy bits were made partially with the aid of plastic cake decoration tools,  It is a relatively thin layer so it was dry very quick. I started to paint it but the first time round made it much too dark. I repainted it in a lighter, more blue-grey tint that much better suited the colour of the ocean. Now I've hears people say the Pacific has another colour than the Atlantic ocean but really, I couldn't be particularly bothered with that.

More after the jump with also the finishing touches.

This was all I needed from U-Don's submarine model. The little bulges on the top of the tower are where the snorkel and the periscope(s) are. For this scene they all are retracted.

 The painted diorama surface. The splash area still is in its original gypsum state without any additive colouring.

Some frothy edges. made with white and "arctic" coloured acrylic paint.

Joining the boat with its surface. White acrylic paste was used to stick the waves to the boat's hull. Using a brush technique best described as dipping and pulling the brush out, the small waves were made.

Transparent crystal clear acrylic paste, the sides of the sub were done to give it a permanent wet appearance and to make the water that streams off of its sides.

 With a smaller, harder brush I detailed the froth some more while the paste was getting drier.

 And this is about what you get. I added some extra froth over the nose section.

And there she blows!

Thanks for watching and see you at the next project.

PS. Spammers, before any message will be placed, I check its contents and so your miserable attempt to spam will immediately be deleted. You lose.

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