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12 April 2012

Titan IIIe "Voyager" 1/96 #7

I managed to finish part one of the structures around the main bus part of Voyager. The Radio-isotope Thermo-electric Generator sits at the end of a tubular structure extending from the main bus. I first thought this would be almost impossible to make, being this small. However, it was worth a try. I used pins for the structure and glued them together with CA. It still needs a little dab of paint but the general looks are good. 
I have added the RTG and the High Gain Antenna dish and the probe is starting to look the part, if I may say so. Tiny stuff, so the pics are big this time. Click 'em up for the better view.

More after the break.
Remember: click for bigger!

The small triangle part is where the magneto boom extends after deployment.

it fits perfectly on the stack.

And the dish of the HGA exactly reaches the end of the shroud, where the cone begins.

Voyager still needs the instrument boom on the other side and then I'll do the cone.

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