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10 April 2012

Titan IIIe "Voyager" 1/96 #6

Today was one of those days again. Nothing worked, everything, every little piece of paper I touched became smudged, glue on my fingers, seams wouldn't stay glued together or stuff came out of the printer wrong. It just wasn't my day. Luckily at work we made some progress. Good edits, a little emotional moment and the right pictorial stuff to go with the story.

However, yesterday there was some small progress. Small, in all senses of the word. Six pics to go with that.
Voyager becomes detailed.
Perhaps I have gone a little too far with it, I just wanted it to be a kind-of rendition of the probe.
Just a decagon and a dish perhaps. But slowly it came to look more and more like its big twin on the shelf.
Most latticework is made from sewing pins.
Main bus.

High Gain Antenna.

RTG. Voyager's source of energy, a small nuclear reactor.

The one unrealistic part on the stack, a pin sticking out of the kick motor.

-to keep Voyager in place but also let it be detachable.


  1. Hi Jasper

    The probe is very appealing. Feel like I was in a building ..
    The dish Antena excellent.

  2. Thanks. a nice thing to hear after an off-day like today. (-;


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