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01 April 2012

Titan IIIe "Voyager" 1/96 #2

Although I had a lot to do, there was still plenty of time to fiddle, tinker and work on the Titan's stages. I finished the second stage a while ago, the boat tail which widens the fuselage was added and a custom made ring on top was made. This ring will hold the upper stage, the Centaur D-1T, in place. I also figured out how to make the fairing that goes over this stage and the payload.

Stage 2 and upper stage Centaur D-1T

2nd stage boat tail and custom made ring for Centaur

Today I scratchbuilt the Centaur upper stage. It is a very old and reliable design, based on the just as old Atlas rocket. It consists of a balloon tank hull, with in this case, two RL-10 engines attached. it has been used many times to push bigger probes into deep space. Juno had one, the Vikings had one and the two Voyagers had one too. I made the Centaur based upon John Jogerst's newer Centaur model for the Atlas V series. The diameter still is the same but the length has been increased over the time. So I redesigned it myself. I used regular 200 gram paper over which I taped the silver masking tape. It looks great!

I also used some newly bought aluminium sticky tape, very thick, bendable metal tape. I used it for small lines over the engines and some thicker rings round the hull of the Centaur.
The tank halves were made from styrofoam, painted and equipped with some gas balls for H2O2 and Helium, used for starting the engines and pressurizing the hull. On the top side I made a framework made from paper and the aforementioned aluminium tape. This is where the Star kick motor will be mated. This was the engine that gave Voyager its last little push into the unknown. Therefore (I guess) the Centaur had a little flat firewall plate on top of its tank to keep it from the flames of the Star engine.

Next up is the shroud. I think I have figured out how to do it. Again, there will be some magnets involved...

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