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08 April 2012

Titan IIIe "Voyager" 1/96 #5

My research was at a dead end, I couldn't find a decent picture of how Voyager and its kick motor were attached to the Centaur. Luckily, some people know their ways into some places on the internets better than I do. I got help from John Jogerst, who found a drawing on which clearly is shown that the top part of the Centaur looked entirely different than what I was working on.
Apparently it just has a conical frustum that connects to the star kick motor. I carefully cut off the top I had and replaced it with the new stuff. 
That looks good.
And now, Voyager.
I already did the probe a little more than a year ago, I guess. But that one was in 1/48 and now I have to build it even 50% smaller. I want to try and keep as much details as possible so here we go.

Main bus. From John Jogerst's model. Added an inside wall.

Paint and metal. Circular shape is solder. Tank is a bead.

Stuff on the walls. Golden record, sensors.

Close up. Right are the Star Trackers. This is bigger than the real size of the model.

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