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19 March 2012

Soyuz FG 1/96 #9

as usual, the workspace starts to get clogged with rubbish. it looks a bit like a Russian rocket graveyard...
And on we go.
This time the top side of the shroud is done. I had a brainwave, why not try and use a couple of rings and some pin to lock it all together? I rummaged around in the box of bauplatz-stuff and found some good sized rings and a little metal dowel from a dismantled IKEA Billy bookcase. It fitted perfectly in the rings. Now one of the rings went in to the fixed part of the shroud, the part that is glued to the third stage. There was a space left exactly the thickness of the other ring, that went into the top of the other half. It shoves over one and other and the pin locks them together. On top of the pin I plan to build the escape tower.


As a special treat all the pictures today are big ones. Click on them for bigger!1!11eleven
Alongside the vertical edge of the fixed shroud half I glued a thin strip to camouflage the seam - in reality there also is a small strip here keeping the halves together, albeit a little thinner, I suppose...

I also took care of this little bad fitting problem.
...which also occurred n the top of the shroud.
The four aerobrakes around the shroud are also made and thin brass wire was used for the pistons that extend them in case of an emergency.

The shroud also got its greeblies. All kinds of protruding bits for parts
of the Soyuz that can't keep their heads in.
So, now the shroud is ready, the only things to do are the twentysomewhat engines and the escape tower. The end of this build is getting closer.

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