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07 March 2012

Short update

Just a short update to let you all know I am still here but there's not much new to show. I have been busy with job-related stuff; we're doing some filming tomorrow for a potential documentary and we are starting a big editing job this month on another film we already shot last year. It is really nice to do, though. Finally again there is some more work for us. That means food on the table and creative thinking.
But it also means I'm afraid that for the time being only the weekends are filled with model building.

On another note I can tell you with some certainty I will be doing some more rockets after this one. An Atlas V and a Titan are the first two but I also want some more Russian stuff. We'll see. Plans enough, paper models enough. I know I can go on for some more years. 
Now I just need some new printer ink. I might take the cartridges to a refill station this time to see what the quality is.

I am working on the two other strap ons now and then the shroud. I already figured out how to tackle the problem of making it able to split. Then 20 engine cones. And 12 Vernier engine cones. And they all have to be level with each other and 90º with the rocket. Hmm. Lets ponder...

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