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17 March 2012

Soyuz FG 1/96 #8

Now how does one make a good solid locking shroud without too much effort? Well, the solution is so simple that some even might consider it cheating. The magic word is magnets.
Magnets. great stuff. How do they work? (-;

I love magnets. Since I used them for my styrene Vostok (in PK's gallery there are some pictures) build some years ago, I can say I never stopped using them when I had two parts that had to be able to connect and disconnect again.
So, two small 5x2x10mm magnets were glued in the bottom part of the fixed part of the shroud. Two nails of which I dremeled off the head and the pointy bit went into the other half. Click.
There will be the necessary touching up and camouflaging but first the upper part of the shroud will be made.
More pics after the break.

A close up of previous shot.

 And here's a nail.

Hanging by a magnet.

No, seriously.

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