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23 March 2012

Soyuz FG 1/96 #10

Well, I guess this is it. I tried my best on the twelve tiny rocket motors all the way up on top of the escape tower but they just were a size too small for me. I hope you can forgive me for that. The rest of all the parts though, are used.

I had a lot of fun building this. For the first time I also used a lot of different kinds of paper in this build. I like how this one came out although I am not completely satisfied. I think it always has room for improvement. And that's good.
It has become a bit of a multimedia build, with al the metal parts and magnets and stuff but in the end I still consider this one very much a paper model.
after the break are some pictures of the final leg of the building.

It might not be as big as the Saturn V but it is the most reliable rocket in the world!
 Next one might either be a new Atlas V (the 551) or a Titan IIIe. We'll see.
Most of the rest of the building process was the little pieces and ends, literally. The first piece that was done was the escape tower. Beautiful thing and it went together well. It's almost massive, I rolled up paper inside it.

Inside the shroud I made a small fuel tank (it's there in reality but its function is a guess..) up in the top. It houses the metal dowel of the escape tower which fits inside very tightly.

The ball is made of styrofoam and was first treated with a layer of white glue to get rid of the texture. When it was dry I painted it green.
The engines were also a large part of work. Because of their number. 20 "big" ones and 12 smaller ones. I glued a little BB gun pellet to all the main engine bells for extra weight.

The hardest part of this build is getting the rocket level, which is almost impossible but when placed in a right angle you won't really notice. (-;

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