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16 March 2012

Soyuz FG 1/96 #7

Next round!
I redid the shroud today. This time I built it in one piece to begin with. I used my usual card to print some rings to hold the green inner rings that I edge glued to form a ring. They weren't glued to the outer rings, these merely were acting as formers.
Then I printed out the shroud on silk gloss photo paper. Nice result. These rings went around the set green rings. Inside I glued the drywall mesh (first I coloured it silver with a sharpie).
The three parts then were joined together carefully and put away to dry. there still are some small rims and not-so-smooth surfaces on the shroud but for now I am happy with it.
The four strap-ons were glued to the central core booster but I yet have to connect them with the system of struts that goes around the bottom part of the stages.
The Soyuz still fits the shroud like a glove and hopefully I can get the shroud to close up nice and clean in the end. There will be another strip of paper over the seam to hide it.

Okay folks, here we go again!
more pictures after the break.

Seamless, almost.

Waiting to dry

The shroud in one piece. Very good fit and nice tightly bonded parts.

Drywall mesh inside. The conical part is hard to do but it looks okay.

After drying, the shroud was cut in two. Half rings were added for strength.

The structure in the right part is the entrance from the hatch in the shroud to the hatch in the Soyuz.
Still fits fairly straightforward together. One part is glued to the stage, one part stays loose.
A strip will camouflage this. I hope.

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