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01 May 2014

Just a little update let you know I am still here and working my ass off to get stuff ready for their deadlines. One film practically done, two to go. It will take some time, still. I am afraid the serious building stuff has to be postponed until after July. Perhaps a little sooner. Even the weekends are filled with other things to do. On the other hand, last year was very productive, so I shouldn't complain.
There are some spectacular things coming up in the paper space model community, I am eagerly awaiting the release of Ken West's Apollo spacecraft. A capsule in 1/12, with a complete interior and a launch escape tower. It also is able to be taken apart to show what's inside. It really is one of the most detailed and beautiful space models ever designed.
UHU02's LM also is a beautiful piece of art. Enough to keep me busy for some years! So with that in mind, allow me some slack for the time being. I am just as eager as anyone to get my paper modeling back on the tracks again. I just need some time and some peace of mind to get me going again.
As a consolation price,  this month I will show you some stuff I made earlier this year.

See you soon!
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