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12 April 2014

1/96 Atlas V available at AXM now!

Hi everyone, PK here.
All is well here, just awfully busy without a lot of spare time for paper stuff. I have made some things and I am doodling a little here and there and now and then but it is not the stuff I'd like to show.

However, on another note, Alfonso Moreno, the designer of those beautiful shuttle stacks and the ISS model (THEE ISS model, I'd say) has released the long awaited 1/96 scale version of his pretty Atlas V launch vehicle. Yay!
I have been waiting for this one a long time and it looks very cool. Lots of details and, which is particularly great, added uncoloured version pages for printing on metallic paper types.

So, go over to AXM, enjoy the photos and then get this one and build it. It's free.
I will as soon as I have the time.

© AXM paper models / Alfonso X. Moreno

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