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12 May 2014

Verne and verity (2)

Second entry on this little build. Today was a very nice day off so I could just sit and mess around with this all day.
There was a little progress today, I didn't do much with the helicopter, just added the tail surfaces and started a little on the wheel bays/ floats. I also started on the capsule itself.
The underwater parachute came out wonderfully.
Here's some photo stuff to look at. More on the 1869 part tomorrow!
More pictures after the jump, as usual.

 The horizontal tail and tail rotor root are placed.

The capsule is Surfduke's Apollo CM drastically reduced in size. I intensified the colours a little and printed on shiny silver coated card which I first treated with Golden digital ground to get a good print. I traced the lines with my Xacto knife for more detail.

 Top part is scratch built. 

 The hatch also is scratch built.

This little fellow will be one of the frogmen. Just about 8 mm in length. He will be standing on the floating collar of the capsule.

Tomorrow I will show you the build of the Jules Verne part of the diorama. It is finished, and it looks quite original.
Thanks for watching!

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