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18 May 2014

Verne and Verity - pt. V - Finished *Huge photopost!*

Well, there. It is done. Today I finished making the little people and placing them on the diorama. I gave the base another layer of transparent acrylic paste and let it dry. After that, I painted the white heads on the waves and the rotor wash. Need I say more?
Nah. Just look at the photos. They have all been made with my phone, it appears to be quite okay for this role. I am not going to make that a habit but I thought it was a nice experiment for this build anyway. Here's one, after the jump you'll find a busload more!

 I added some black paint on the capsule's back, which I scratched off when it had dried up. 

The lifting cage is coming into being. I decided to give myself a little artistic freedom to destinguish the astronauts more from the divers and gave them their standard white beta cloth flight suits.

The diver in the dinghy has his arms spread to help the cage clear the dinghy. the other 'wires' are yet to come. They also still have no heads.

Here I added the extra layer of acrylic paste. I textured the rotor wash a little more and thickened the water around the floating objects.

A diver and an astronaut relaxing in the dinghy. The frogman in the hatch opening waits for the third astronaut to get ready to get out.

The heads are on. Now the other 'wires' of the cage.

I put the helicopter on its hook to see how it was positioning itself and to get a glimpse of the result.

The acrylic layer has dried. Looks good but still lacks the white rotor wash and some foam on the waves.

 Cage is ready. Astronaut secured, lift him up, guys.

With the added rotor wash.

 Some froth around the CM and the dinghy.

Well, that was it for now. The finished display, the Verne diorama and this one together will be shown after they've been joined together under one perspex hood. For now, I really hope you liked what I made. Thanks for watching!
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