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17 November 2013

Saturn V - retry - now from the ground up.

I have found the time to restart and rethink the build of the Saturn V. 
The first steps were made yesterday. The first F-1 is almost done and I also think it actually is a good continuation point from the big 1/48th engine from a while back.
I used coloured paper for a lot of parts, since the whole engine will be covered in aluminium tape, representing the thermal blanket covers on the actual flown ones. It might be a bit too shiny but I'll try and add a matte varnish over it later on to tone it down.

So, here's what I did so far. Needless to say, the F-1 is also very much doable in 1/96.
Three more pics after the jump.

Instead of what I did with the big one, I now added a small neck to the iner engine bell part to get the injector plate at its right position. this is how it is supposed to look. So it now looks more the part than the 1/48th version... 

Why not use otherwise unusable paper when it all will be covered up with shiny silvery aluminium tape? I used the RealSpace Models resin motors I have as a template for the paper ones.

I used my recently fabricated riveting wheel (made of a circular sawblade for a powertool and a wooden dowel I had laying around) for the rivets over the thermal blanket. It looks quite the part.
So, one (almost) done, four more to go and then the thrust section of the Saturn. We'll take it slow and easy. And we'll get there.
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