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03 December 2013

Yeah, it's going slow.

I know, it is going slow.
Lots of stuff concerning an upcoming shoot in Cologne for a new documentary is taking its toll and besides that I have been doing some plastic stuff because I felt like it. It still is not as satisfying as paper stuff but I had some unfinished business to attempt and I wanted to do two small ones.
Besides, the work on the Saturn is a bit repetitive and tedious to show at the moment. Still four engines to go before attacking the base plate of the S1C stage. Since the engines will be all the same I am not planning to show all of the building of it.
Here's what I have now, and after the jump I will show you the two plastic projects I have finished.
Thanks for hanging in there, before this year is over I will hopefully be back at full speed.
Engine number two nearing completion.

Sometimes I just want to do some less creative no-brainers like these planes. Just pre-shaped parts, gluey-gluey, painty-painty et voilà.  
First I have made this pretty F9F Panther in a 'what-if" scheme. In this fictitious timeline the Dutch never bought the hawker Seahawk but the F9F. The air force and navy both acquired a bunch of these and decided to form a joint demo team called "De Heeren 17" after the illustrious top brass of the VOC, the Dutch East Indies Company. Needless to say, they flew with 17 of these Panthers. The Shorts Tucano on the right is in this same timeline the most recent trainer of the Dutch air force, instead of the Pilatus PC-7. It has been painted in a scheme to commemorate the old demo team. Perhaps they even fly together as a heritage flight, who knows? More on this timeline on request. (-;  

This majestic 1/32  F-86 Sabre has been painted in the colours of the RCAF Golden Hawks some three years ago but never received its decals. I have put them on two days ago. I was a bit scared of the size of the long Golden Hawks logo waterslides but in the end they actually were very manageable. The set was made by CanMilAir decals and were quite expensive. The red is not as solid as I hoped for, but I think that is the limitation of an ALPS printer. (at least I guess they were made on an ALPS, because normal printers cannot print in white.) Anyway, they look the part and finish off the airplane very well. Here too, more pics at request. This remains a blog about paper modeling after all!
See you soon,

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