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09 November 2012

Work work work...

I am sorry to tell that I hardly have been able to get anything done on the Proton and my design of the Nimiq-5 the last week. I have been so busy with my job I couldn't find the time to either designing or glueing stuff. At the moment, I work on three film projects, some of them on full steam, others just hatching,  but all of them together kind of drain me from the energy I need to do the paper model stuff.
The only thing I did was concluding the Nimiq main bus I designed was to big for the fairing so I seem to have made a mistake in scaling somewhere. I've got to get back to the drawing board to solve this. But I cannot tell when I am able to pick it all up again.
I hope I will get back to it all later on next week.
Bear with me!

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