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21 November 2012

Falcon 9 / Dragon 1/96 [AXM]

As promised, here is some picture proof of the build taking place at the moment. As I said, I still have to do the trunk and capsule and then it is finished. I used metallic paper and aluminium sticky tape for the engines. The exhaust pipes were all made from thin aluminium tubing. I also used some genuine chrome Bare Metal Foil to accentuate some lines on the main hull. It is less shiny than the sticky tape and a lot thinner so it has a different character. the conduits and clamps on the second stage were made from mat paper, which I laminated for the thickest parts. Afterwards, I painted it white and gave it a layer of gloss.

Some more after the jump.

The business end is very nicely detailed and shaped. It really shows you well what shapes the bottom part of this rocket is made of. I used aluminium sticky tape to go over the otherwise grey printed-on lines. It gives the rocket just that little extra whiff of realism, I guess.

 Some extra accentuation in the vent and valve openings in the hull and interstage.

 The conduits, cable runs and clamps that hold the second stage in place. Made of mat paper, and shaped by using a dremel tool with a sand disc. 

In daylight the engines have a realistic dull metallic appearance with some shiny accents from the tape. it is not as silvery as the picture suggests. Note the aluminium exhaust pipes. The'te all around on the bottom part.  (which, itself is made from metallic paper, too and is embossed to suggest rivets.

Next time hopefully the rocket is finished and have i embarked on a new, interesting project together with a good paper modeling friend of mine!

PS. Alfonso's great model can be found and downloaded for free on his site.

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