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31 October 2012

Building a Nimiq-5

Hi all,  I have just a small update for now:
Been a bit busy with shooting stuff for our next documentary the last couple of days. Long haul efforts it were, driving down to Amsterdam and back again two times and besides realising the biggest part of the job again consists of waiting. All went well and even better than expected. We came home with really great material.

As far as paper modeling, there was not much time for that the past week. However, I started work on designing a Loral SSL-1300 bus, the satellite type I want to have as a payload for my Proton-M. There is no model so I have to do one myself. Now I could have kept it simple and just put some stuff together to make a folded-up Nimiq-5 and leave it there. But while I started the design in Photoshop, I decided it might be fun to make it more of a full model, complete with extended solar panels. The step was even smaller to try and make it even more variable, to also be able to make it into other versions of LSS 1300 series satellites. So that is what I am up to at the moment.

A screenshot of a little part of the satellite bus. More to come!

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