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20 November 2012

Busy, ...but building!

Just to let you all know I am alive, just very busy. 
However, I did find the time to do some building. Since the design of Nimiq 5 stalled because boredom struck and an increase in disinterest by lack of progress and actual lack of immediate visible result of the work, the project had been shoved aside and it's awaiting better times. The Proton now stands with an empty shroud (with two rubber bands around it) on the shelf. It will get its payload someday later.
I started work (actually, I am almost done now) on Alfonso Moreno's very nice model of the Falcon 9 with the Dragon capsule on top. Especially the engine section is wonderfully designed and detailed.
It will be a very static model, no moving parts, no detachable pieces. The hull is made of silk gloss photo paper and that is very much the shine the rocket has in real life. I added some bare metal foil and aluminium sticky tape strips here and there for accents. It looks great, in my opinion.
It now is too dark to take any god pictures of the model as it is now, but I promise some imagery tomorrow morning.
Until then you have to bear with me once more! Thanks for your patience.
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