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14 October 2012

Proton-M 1/96 bare metal edition [4]

Stage one is finished. Not here in the pictures, but trust me on that one. Tomorrow there'll be some pictures to prove, now it's too dark for any good photo.
All six fuel tanks added.
More after the jump.

One of the two cable runs on the central core. The original version had the lowest part in black, I had to paint it white, just as the white part in the Russian flag on the second stage.

The bottom is getting more and more impressive. The engine housings were a bit hard in the thick card and they are somewhat blocking the holes the engine bells have to go in. But once the engine bells are in pace, you won't notice.

Aforementioned engine bells. I added a little scratch building by making the plumbing on the engines a bit more stand out.

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