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12 October 2012

Proton-M 1/96 bare metal edition [2]

With my new pair of glasses it has been somewhat of an eye opener again. Much more detail to be seen and more detailed cutting. Nice. Only thing is I really have to get used to this, moving my head around is like being drunk. All the world's moving and distorted. Oh well, it's for reading anyway.

So what did I do? Just some small progress. I did both the fuel tank domes, petaled parts I had to curve and edge glue with some CA. I then took small strips of light aluminium coloured paper to camouflage the seams and look like a kind of weld line of some sort. It looks quite all right, I think. Maybe it might not look like the original but it just looks good.

The biggest part of the second stage is made and the base of the engine section has been added. I used an embossing needle for the riveting structure.
Freshly glued, and an added vent on the side of the dome.

With the lattice structure on top glued in place.

The first of the six fuel tanks is put in place, with a very nice looking tightly glued nose cone on top.

The second stage. Inside some strips of rolled paper for reinforcement and three rings. No glue used for that, the top and bottom is sealed off anyway and there is no movement possible inside the tube.

Between the white and metallic part of the second stage I used a silver strip as glue strip for some extra detail.

The base of the second stage engines. I used an embossing needle for the rivets. I had a copy on aluminium paper of which I cut out and used the engine bases for some more detailing. It looks nice, I think.
So far for now, until next time!
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